The Model Workout MET


A new generation of Model Workouts designed by model trainer Hamelin D’abell is now available on our web shop. The Model Workout MET (MET = Metabolic) is designed for a higher calorie burn and a longer afterburn post workout. The classes themselves will assist in overall leaning out of the body whilst sculpting and toning arms, shoulders, abs, glutes, hips and thighs. We recommend each student to go at his/her own pace during these classes to gradually build up strength, stamina and endurance.

A MET class comes with plenty of intervals including compound movements, short intense cardio bursts, lots of toning intervals, planks, push ups, mat exercises and so much more. These classes may be a bit more intense than our previous Model Workout courses therefore please listen to your body.

Our new series will give you the classic Model Workout ‘pulling in’ effect with extra refined leaning out. Hamelin is going for a look that’s sleek, toned and ‘pulled in’ both for guys and girls taking these new classes.

The new course includes 10 classes. Five of the classes are around 55-60 minutes long and the other five classes are around 90 minutes long. These classes will be accessible in your online account and are yours to keep.

We suggest doing each class 6-8 times before moving on to the next class. Make sure to include at least 2 rest days (or more) in your rotation before moving to the next class. You are welcome to mix Model Workout MET with other classes for added variation.

Equipment needed for MET is kept to a bare minimum: Mat, light hand weights and ankle weights (optional) is all you need.

Note: As the course is still ongoing, classes will be released every 7-10 days until complete.

You will be able to access and download the course after purchase.