The Model Workout Max


One hour and fifty five minutes of targeted model training to tighten, pull in, refine and deeply strengthen the entire physique.

This unique workout is cleverly split into two parts. First part being around 40 minutes of standing toning of arms, shoulders, waist, hips, glutes and thighs PLUS added short cardio bursts to boost the metabolism. Second part of the workout combines targeted mat training for the lower body with endurance as well as cardio intervals for added and increased intensity.

Use this workout as a once a week blast or a daily “boot camp” workout for a special event where inch loss and tightening is required. You also do first part of the workout on days where you are short on time.

Equipment used in the workout: mat, chair, gliders. Hand weights and ankle weights can also be added if needed.

Join Hamelin as he takes you through a tough but fun results based workout that will push you as well as energise you.

The workout is yours to keep.

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