The Model Workout Course 5


A uniquely targeted workout done in collaboration with some of the biggest agencies worldwide such as IMG, Elite, Premier, KULT and Models1. Each Model Workout course includes five 60 minute classes and ten 90 minute classes, so a total of 10 classes per course, and every class has LOTS of toning mixed with shorter metabolic cardio intervals.

Each class will have an extensive focus on DEEP toning of the various body parts to promote muscle tightening, leaning out and increased metabolic burn. We advise everyone to do each class at a pace that is suitable for the individual. These classes are inch loss ‘on steroids’. Expect super good music, lots of sweat and deep muscle burn! You can stream and download each class right away, and classes are yours to keep.

Equipment needed for The Model Workout: Mat, hand weights (optional), ankle weights (optional), gliders and a chair/barre.

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