MELT Series


MELT is a 7 month program and each month includes following:
1 full length (just under an hour) classic MELT interval toning
1 full length (just under an hour) ‘experimental’ MELT workout (this could be MELT based barre, DeepMuscleWork, MAT work, circuit training etc.)
1 half an hour MELT low to mid intensity cardio workout

Each of the 7 months comes with a day-2-day workout schedule.
MELT is a high repetition/low resistance workout format that will get you lean, pulled in and tightened up…FAST. Inch loss focused moves will target your muscles in a unique way giving you sleeker definition and contouring whilst improving skin tone, muscle strength, flexibility and posture. MELT will work you out but not exhaust you – having said that, MELT is challenging but please work at your own pace and gradually build up your endurance, strength and stamina.
General equipment needed for MELT:
Mat, 2-4lb hand weights, 1.5-2.5lb ankle weights and gliders.

How to access my rotations after purchase?

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You will be able to access and download the course after purchase.