Inch Loss: 90 mins

Welcome to Inch Loss 90 mins. Here you will find all the longer Inch Loss courses.
Inch Loss is specifically created for the major modelling agencies in London, Milan and New York. Every single class has a targeted focus on inch loss of waist, hips and thighs whilst streamlining and refining the rest of the body. You can now be part of these exclusive workouts and try them out in the comfort of your own home.
Every Inch Loss class starts with a brief warm and stretching phase followed by various high repetition toning intervals and sequences using light hand weights, gliders etc. to really challenge and push you into an amazing shape. Short bursts of cardio is included in all the classes to really max up the metabolism.
All classes are between 70-90 minutes long. Use the drop down menu below to find your preferred Inch Loss Original course. If you’re brand new to Inch Loss training please start with course 1.

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