Inch Loss October Boot camp


NEW 5 day Inch Loss “blitz” Bootcamp. For those wanting to tighten, contour and drop inches FAST. Two workouts per day for a total of five days – OR one workout per day for ten days…or as long as you want to carry on with the bootcamp. Please see schedule below.


Inch Loss Circuit 1hr

Inch Loss CardioTone 1hr


Inch Loss Circuit 1hr

Inch Loss Classic Toning 1hr


Inch Loss Circuit 1hr

Inch Loss Cardio 1hr


Inch Loss Circuit 1hr

Inch Loss Classic Toning 1hr


Inch Loss Circuit 1hr

Inch Loss Focus (Arms.Abs.Glutes.Thighs) 1hr

People can do this bootcamp as they see fit. Some may want to do the full 2hrs a day for the full 5 days – some might do it for several weeks. Others may just stick to 1hr per day. Some might pull it out later in the year when they need to get in shape for a special occasion.

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Inch Loss Circuit: Targeted inch loss training using ‘intervals’ for specific muscle targeted exercises or cardio blast intervals to really boost the metabolism and promote a tighter, slimmer and more refined physique. All inch loss circuit classes are challenging so please work at your own pace. Equipment needed: mat, light hand weights, gliders, and ankle weights (optional).

Inch Loss Classic Toning: Classic inch loss training just like the weekly releases. This workout is taught in a flowing class format alternating between cardio tone, mat work and simple floor cardio (high/low). Challenging, simple and effective training. Equipment needed: Mat, gliders and light hand weights.

Inch Loss Cardio: A mix of mid tempo CardioTone which is low impact floor cardio using light hand weights and simple floor choreography to burn fat, tone the upper body and create stronger muscles that are sleek and slick. Inch Loss cardio may include a high/low impact segment that’s taught at a higher tempo. Equipment needed: Light hand weights.

Inch Loss Focus: Focused inch loss toning for specific body parts to promote tightening and contouring of the muscles whilst pulling in the physique to make it slimmer, sleeker and with greater muscular endurance. Be prepared for high repetition moves that will challenge and sculpt your muscles. Equipment needed: Mat, light hand weights and ankle weights (optional).

Join Hamelin and students on this 5 day inch loss journey.

All videos are yours to keep and can be streamed as well as downloaded.

You will be able to access and download the course after purchase.