Inch Loss course 18


Our revised Inch Loss training is now available and has been changed to following:

*45 minutes of HARD cardio consisting of CardioTone, low impact aerobics followed by high low aerobics.

*5min standing waist training.

*40 minutes of targeted toning and final stretch

Join Hamelin and his Saturday students for this invigorating workout. Sweat, burn calories, feel the muscles working and finish the workout feeling happy and complete. Each class can easily be split into two parts in case you’re short on time – and all the cardio can easily be modified to 100% low impact.

90 minutes of targeted fun delivered directly to your online account via our web site. The class is taught every Saturday and will be made available every Sunday/Monday. Course 18 will include seven 90 minute classes. All classes are yours to keep.

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You will be able to access and download the course after purchase.