Inch Loss course 17


This course is ideal for those needing/wanting more intense cardio, looking to lean out and lose weight. The cardio starts with CardioTone then progresses into low impact aerobics with some high thrown in and then it goes into the more intense high low. ALL the high can e-a-s-i-l-y be modified to low impact. This is intense cardio, but cardio at its best. Cardio portion will last around 40 minutes.

More isolated waist work will be added to the second part of the class which is where the toning/floor work part starts. This will then be followed by the classic thigh/hip/glute work and abdominal work. There won’t be any glider work in course 17, but there will however be more intense abdominal exercises/sequences. Toning part will last around 40-45 minutes and extra stretching is included at the end.

Weekly class release: every Sunday for 7 weeks.

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