Inch Loss 1HR, Course 3


Welcome to the NEWEST Inch Loss 1 hour course . Course 3 is partnered with Elite Models worldwide agency, IMG, NEXT Paris and several other agencies – and the workouts are specifically created for targeted industry inch loss. Course 3 focuses on training that will shrink waist, hips and thighs whilst tightening and contouring the rest of the body. Push and sweat yourself into an amazing shape and watch your own body transform week after week. Interval training blending toning and high impact cardio (which can EASILY be modified to low impact) into a unique flowing sequence of unique moves and exercises that will tackle even the most stubborn areas. You will need following equipment for all the classes: light hand weights (max 2.5lbs), mat and gliders – ankle weights are optional. All classes are just under an hour, enough to give you visible results FAST.

Join Hamelin and his inch loss crew for sweat, fun and inch loss results.

You will be able to access and download the course after purchase.