Fusion Course 4


This series is a hidden gem from the vault of old Hamelin workouts.

Each course includes seven 45-55 minute classes that purely focuses on standing Blitzmatics like movements (small precise rotations, extensions and steps), barre work like the classic DMW (DeepMuscleWork) and pure floor work focusing on strengthening and toning of hips, glutes, thighs and abs. Over time you will experience your body becoming more mobile with improved posture, increased overall strength and a refined elegant tone to your muscles.

Fusion is gentle on the body and 100% low impact. Every class will give you gentle but effective toning – ideal if you’re recovering from an injury or experiencing joint related issues.

Some classes have music in the background others don’t.

Equipment needed: light hand weights (2-3lbs), ankle weights (max 2lbs), a mat and a chair/barre. Please note that hand weights and ankle weights are optional!

If you enjoy quiet, gentle, targeted and meditative toning then Fusion is for you.

Recommended Fusion sessions per week: 2-4 sessions per week.

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