Deep Toning

Pure, deep, structured toning to really tighten, elongate and refine the physique. Deep Toning was a big success during the Zoom and Deep Series and will now carry on as an individual course focusing on advanced toning only. Though advanced, Deep Toning is for everyone and the exercises can be done at pace that suits the individual.

Each course includes 10 individual classes. Every Deep Toning session have a brief warm up stretch sequence followed by 20-25 minutes of deep abs/core/waist work and another 30 minutes of hips/glutes/thigh work. Arm and shoulder work will also be blended in to many of the moves.

If you’re a fan of deep targeted toning then Deep Toning is for you. Every session is structured like a classic personal training session with Hamelin demonstrating the moves and explaining detailed form, technique and muscle mechanics for each of the moves. The session is calming but gruelling, meditative yet very challenging.

Equipment needed for Deep Toning: mat, light hand weights, ankle weights and a chair.

Deep Toning is more about tightening and contouring than getting very lean. The look is more refined and elegant, and every session will bring a sense of ease and grace to the student.