Deep Toning course 2


Deep Toning is a fusion of barre and mat toning with a strong emphasis on tightening, toning and keeping the body strong and mobile. A lot of the exercises are specifically targeted to enhance deep firming of the muscles and improve overall postural alignment.

Many of our participants will recognise the classic DMW feel in the Deep Toning classes. The exercises are deep but calming, targeted yet meditative and blended in with various stretches as the class goes along. Upper body sculpting with weights plus an abs segment is also included in each class.

Equipment needed for Deep Toning:
A chair/barre/counter top, light hand weights and a pair of ankle weights.

Classes are released on a weekly basis for a total of 10 weeks, and each class is just under an hour. First class will be released in the third week of April and will be accessible directly via your online account.

You will be able to access and download the course after purchase.