Cardio Series 2018


Cardio Series was released back in 2018.
The course includes 7 low impact Cardio Tone classes and 7 classic High Low Aerobics classes.
Cardio Tone is a 50-60 minute fat burning low impact workout taught in a low to mid intensity format using light hand weights (max 2lbs). Each class has a prolonged focus on burning fat and toning of the upper body. Every class is easy to follow with clear visual instructions for cueing. You will be taken through a thorough warm up, long cardio segment followed by cool down and stretch.
Classic High Low Aerobics: This format takes you back to where it all began – high tempo athletic aerobics taught in a simple structured manner for you to ‘switch off’ and fully immerse yourself in the workout. These classes are high tempo with a lot of high impact – the high impact can easily be modified to low impact if needed. Enjoy this pure high intensity cardio workout and feel those calories melt away class after class.

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