Hamelin’s gift for understanding how the human body can be dramatically reshaped by movement was identified at an unusually young age. As a teenager in Copenhagen in the late 1980s, he quickly progressed from attending fitness and yoga classes to teaching others. Hamelin later became a Nike sponsored instructor teaching high impact aerobics around the world.

By the mid-1990s, Hamelin’s large client base allowed him to move his teaching practice to London. As in Copenhagen, his classes soon became extremely over-subscribed and word spread among London’s fitness, health and beauty specialists, resulting in numerous requests for personal training.

Through such work with private clients, Hamelin gradually developed what would become his trademark method: The Hamelin D’abell Method

Soon new clients, wanting to be trained by Hamelin in person, began flying into London from as far afield as Qatar, Kuwait, Japan and America.

Now, with almost 30 years of experience and a proven record of supporting many incredible self-transformations, Hamelin is focused on sharing his techniques with an online audience around the world. His simple, clear instructions and demonstrations are based on a highly sophisticated understanding of anatomy, purified movement and the close inter-relation of mind and body. He is currently undertaking the in-depth study of functional science and movement at Gray Institute.

Hamelin is a practicing minimalist and initiated into the Vedic practice of Sri Vidya. He lives in central London and has fully devoted himself to helping others becoming their very best in every way.