Those practising the Method across the globe, have enjoyed its transformative benefits, long before the current craze for ‘slow burn’ exercise hit the lifestyle headlines.

Hamelin prides himself on designing challenging workouts that do not, however, leave the client exhausted, depleted and aching afterwards. This is one reason why his Method is particularly popular among busy people who cannot afford to ‘crash’ several times a week after they exercise.

The foundational choice of movement is called ‘Deep Muscle Work’ and ‘Blitzmatics’ – a bespoke series of small but powerful isolations, performed at a relatively slow pace but demanding the client’s focused attention on placement, breathing and activation of deep muscle. Stretches forms a major component throughout, usually alternated with a selection of tiny pulses, rotations, lifts, barre exercises and light weight work.



The Method will help any client to develop a stronger and healthier whole body, rejuvenated by improved balance, flexibility and tone, not to mention the incredible firming action of the entire physique. This includes shaping of the waist muscles, so often neglected in other body sculpting programmes.

As each client explores the Method, they often experience a surge in energy and inner peace, totally unlike the introductory phase of other training regimes. Visible results then lead to improved self-confidence and create a ‘virtuous circle’ of self-motivation and self-empowerment.

Those who have suffered a physical, mental or emotional setback often report feeling ‘reset’ by the self-awareness and concentration that the Method demands. The stabilization and strength resulting from regular practice are also valued by athletes, dancers and others seeking to prevent future injuries.